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WeCare® Online Benefit Enrollment System

69% of employers cite inadequate, inflexible technology as the main reason for dissatisfaction with their enrollment systems.*

But WeCare consistently receives high satisfaction scores from employers. Why? Because WeCare is customized, flexible, and reliable. It solves your specific problems, meets your particular service requirements, and helps achieve your individual performance goals. Here’s an example….

Case Study: A city government with more than 6,500 employees solved enrollment problems, tracked progress on HR initiatives, and improved plan participation with the WeCare Online Benefit Enrollment System. Here’s how it worked… 

  • Custom Solution. The City’s HRIS was too expensive and too inflexible to support its growing enrollment needs. We developed a customized WeCare online benefit enrollment front-end as an overlay to the City’s enterprise system. 
  • Progress Tracking. We also created a system within WeCare® which tracked participation in the City’s wellness and tobacco cessation programs, and exported current, real-time progress data to its HRIS.  
  • Plan Participation. WeCare’s personalized calculations, simple explanations, and step-by-step operation significantly increased participation in the City’s core and voluntary benefit plans.

Our WeCare team members are highly-trained, software development experts. They understand the enrollment technology challenges you face. They are totally committed to creating frustration-free systems — and delivering them with high-impact service.

*Statistics from Towers Watson Annual Benefits Enrollment Survey

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