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Dependent Eligibility Audits

Expert Audit® Dependent Eligibility Verification 

Audit firms typically have a one-dimensional approach to the dependent eligibility verification process. They just collect proof documents.

We have a better way. Our Expert Audit combines three key components: an online affidavit, a verification document review, and a data capture system. Our process delivers more informed rulings, better HR decisions, the most truthful responses, the highest information accuracy, and the best overall results. Here’s an example…

Case Study: A supermarket chain with over 30,000 employees identified ineligible dependents, reduced healthcare costs, and met fiduciary responsibilities with an online Expert Audit from Impact Interactive. Here’s how it worked…

  • Unique Approach. Employees completed online affidavits about their dependent relationships — then verified their online statements with official documents. A unique and powerful check-and-balance system.
  • Working Spouses. In addition, Expert Audit collected in-depth information on working spouses eligible for benefits from their own employers. This data was critical for HR decision-making on a potential spousal carveout.
  • Ongoing Audits. The employer also elected our ongoing audit program to verify the eligibility of dependents who are added during the year through new hires, status changes, open enrollment, and/or acquisition.

Our in-house call center team is knowledgeable, respectful, and empathetic. They are committed to helping your employees get through the dependent verification process quickly, successfully, and with minimum hassle.

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Expert Audit Flyer-The Comprehensive Audit

Expert Audit Flyer-The Spouse Audit

Expert Audit Flyer-The Ongoing, Year-Round Audit